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Azaelia Font Kit includes 1 font style, icon fonts & family pack options for Print, Media, Ebooks & Web for 1 USERRead more





Azaelia Font Kit comes with a 1 user font license for print, media, ebooks and websites. Azaelia fonts cannot be used in Apps or Software as this requires special custom licensing. If you need extra users or a custom license please contact


Azaelia is a unique and hand painted font family. The Azaelia font kit comes with a brush font, painted frames and ornaments.


Feel free to Download the Font Licensing Agreement (EULA) to further understand Cultivated Mind’s font licensing rules.

Designers: Cindy Kinash 

Publisher:  Cultivated Mind

Font Release:  Jan 9th, 2014

Cultivated Release: Spring 2021

File Type :  OTF, TTF & AI

Vectors : Yes, all icons & fontpacks.

Font Covers : Latin Pro

Font Type : Brush Font & Icons

Alternates : No

Ligatures : No

License Type : Media, Ebooks, Print & Websites

User Coverage : 1 User


Wanderlust Collection_001.jpg
Wanderlust Letters_001.jpg
Viva Beautiful Collection_001.jpg
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