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Viva Beautiful Font Family includes 3 font styles, pro versions & family pack options for Print, Media, Ebooks & Web for 1 USERRead more

Viva Beautiful Family

Viva Beautiful Font Family comes with a 1 user font license for print, media, ebooks and websites. Viva Beautiful fonts cannot be used in Apps or Software as this requires special custom licensing. If you need extra users or a custom license please contact


Viva Beautiful is a lovely hand painted brush script. Viva Beautiful includes two script styles (Regular or B) and an all caps font. Both scripts come in a basic or pro version.


Viva Beautiful Pro and Viva Beautiful Pro B include opentype alternates and common ligatures. Try the alternates and ligatures to give your designs a realistic hand painted look. Viva Beautiful and Viva Beautiful B include opentype ligatures. The all caps font is a basic version and pairs beautifully with any Viva script.


This brush script family works best for fashion, beauty products, food, apparel and magazines. Viva Beautiful could also be used for film, television, marketing, advertising and websites. The Viva Beautiful Collection includes additional Viva Beautiful font versions. Bring beauty to your designs with Viva Beautiful!

You can get all these Viva Beautiful fonts in the Brush Font Set for a better deal.

Feel free to Download the Font Licensing Agreement (EULA) to further understand Cultivated Mind’s font licensing rules.

Designers: Cindy Kinash

Publisher:  Cultivated Mind

Font Release:  July 5th, 2016

Cultivated Release: Summer 2021

File Type :  OTF & TTF

Vectors : No

Font Covers : Latin Pro (Pro Versions), Latin Pro (Standard Versions)

Font Type : Brush Script, Brush Caps Font

Alternates : Yes, only Pro Script Versions. (106 alternates)

Ligatures : Yes, only Pro Script Versions. (9 ligatures)

License Type :  Print, Ebooks, Media & Websites for Commercial Use.

User Coverage : 1 User


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